Superhero For the Day ~ Every day!

My husband the superhero ~ because he is a super man!

After being honored by my husband and boys this week, I returned the honor to my husband.  The boys and I started our day off at the table with our Bibles.  I told them to look through and find some Scripture to text to their Dad and let God lead you to what it is that you should send to him.

One son and I came up with similar Scriptures from different books!  That was really cool and the other son came up with a Scripture from Proverbs saying that a man's wife is his crown!  Oooh, I'll take that!  (It's funny because that is one Scripture that my husband texted to me last week.)

Hubs cheerfully received the messages. 

A short while after that, I wrote my husband an essay about how he is MY superhero.  I compared "Superman" to my husband the "Godly man".  It was quite honoring and I absolutely LOVED doing it!  We continued throughout the day by "flirt" texting.  (You should try it, it's FUN!)

When my husband got home from the office I had coffee made for him, dinner in the oven, and was working on some other ways to honor him.  (Normally, we have coffee an hour or so after he gets home but he got home late.  Also, normally he cooks dinner but we were all going to be out for the evening.)

I encourage you to show honor to your husband every day no matter how long you've been married.  We have been married for 15 1/2 years! Take a day and make it special.  Show him how much you love him in a way that speaks his love language (not yours)

Do you do something special for your husband?  Please share with us!

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Angie Vik said...

This post blesses my heart as I see the love and respect you desire to give your husband. I also feel convicted that I'm so busy with kids, church, housework, homeschooling etc. that my relationship with my husband doesn't the attention it should. Thanks for food for thought.

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