Hearts On Fire Friday ~ The Love Spell Part 1

Hearts On Fire Friday

This is a story about a husband who just wanted his wife to be... hot and passionately in love with him.
Sounds innocent enough!

You know when you look at your spouse, boyfriend or fiance' and that thrill comes over you? (If you can't relate, just think about chocolate!)  For years, that thrill would come and sadly, a short time later, it would go.  I always loved my husband, but after years and years of marriage, the birth of children, the call into full time ministry and the busyness of life, the thrill tends to grow legs and wander off a bit!

One day, that thrill started coming back.  It was so much fun! (Fun love ~ imagine that!) We were flirting all day long like teenagers and celebrating our love like never before! I couldn't believe it; the thrill was still there the next day.... and the next day... and the next day! 

After a few days of "newly wedded" bliss (although married 15 wonderful years), I began to wonder what was wrong with me.  Why did I have a sudden fierce, wild, giddy, flirtatious mindset for my husband?  Where did this come from?  I've always been in love with him and adored him but what is this NEW feeling?  (I can't even put it into words, but trust me.  It's awesome.)

I'll never forget the day that we were sitting at the kitchen table and I innocently asked, "What in the world have you done to me?  I feel like you put a love spell on me!"  (For all of the righteous criticizers, I know that spells are witchcraft.  Just humor me.)

My husband just smiled like he'd been busted.  With ultimate curiosity I said, "What?!  Did you?  What did you do?!!!"

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Love Spell!


Debbie said...

Aaw Man, a cliff hanger! Looking forward to part 2. :)

Inspiring You To Save! said...

Thanks for sharing the info on heartburn and thanks for visiting.

Jill said...

Hi Janet,

What a lovely post! So great to see another couple working together to keep the magic alive! My husband and I will be married 17 years this May. Thanks for sharing!

Also if you get a chance, I'm having a giveaway, stop by to check it out and enter :-)


Have a great night!


Laurie said...

Hi, I found your blog on Boost my blog Friday. I am now a follower because I NEED to know more about this love spell! :) I am deeply in love with my precious husband but would love that little sparkle back!

Debbie Dillon said...

I love that you actually wrote this because the same thing happened to us! Next week, we'll be celebrating 22 years as husband and wife, and we too have experienced the marriage-changing miracle that happens when the Lord decides to stir up the embers that cause the flames to dance. God bless you and thanks again for sharing this!

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