Hearts On Fire Friday ~ Marriage Fun & Enouragement

Hearts On Fire Friday

Is your marriage hot and on fire? 
Is passion flowing even more than when you were first married?

Most marriages have difficulty at some point.
Most marriages have issues to work through.

Your marriage can reach the mountain top again.
With God, all things are possible!

Use texting to add some fun!

One fun thing that my husband and I do is
we text each several times a day. 
My husband will send me uplifting verses about
wives or marriage or love. (You can get some
interesting verses from Song of Solomon!)

While we are going down the road with the family,
sometimes we text each other. 
We'll say things that we wouldn't normally say
in front of the boys.  (We do this at home too.)

What are you doing to spice up your marriage?


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Jonie Marie said...

I love this. Thanks for following so that I could find your fun blog!

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