In the mood for giving?

Do you have extra toiletries?  Do you know someone who may have trial size toiletries from hotel stays?

There are people who need you!

I am collecting trial size toiletries to give to the homeless.  I would like to put things that homeless people can use inside bags, go downtown and distribute them to people on the street.
I am collecting toiletries, gloves, snacks and possibly extra blankets.  I will also include a letter to the person telling them that God does love them.

If you have toiletries or money to donate toward the bags, contact me, tell me what you'd like to give, and I will give you my contact information.  


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Great idea....we have those and can do the same...thanks for the nudge!
Another good excuse to go downtown where we saw the parade.

Lana said...

Following you back neighbor! I just donated all my toiletries to our Christmas Bazaar for the Kiddie Corner~where our kids can go "shopping' for all the special people on their list! Hope I don't get too much back! ;-) Glad to meet you. Stay warm!

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