We Three Kings ~ The Three Wise Men

Have you ever wondered about that?  We three kings...
Were there really three?  Does it matter?

I'm a truth seeker and speaker!  I want the truth, the facts;
that's just the kinda girl I am!

I started questioning this a few years ago.  That has caused
me to question a lot of things.  Questioning causes me to 
open my Bible and look for myself!

I found an article called 
It helps to explain (in plain English) the facts behind the wise men.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article:
"You have noticed that the idea of "three wise men" is NOT actually mentioned in the Bible. If that idea is not Biblical, what should you do with it? If any other idea you may have learned is not Biblical, what should you do about it?"

This is how it started for me.  I was just wondering so I looked!  One thing led to another and now 
I wonder all of the time!  Then, I look!
"Of course, the number of wise men is a very small thing. But God may be opening up your mind, little by little, pointing out one tiny error in "the Christmas story," and watching to see what your reaction is. If you show God you wish to learn His truth and move away from error, God will probably show you another little truth, then another. What you do with that information will determine what God does next in His growing relationship with you."
So tell me, what do you wonder about,
and what have you looked up to see if it is truth or tradition?


Sassy Granny ... said...

I love fact-finding & truth-mining. God's word is amazing as written, and I often wonder about the extra-biblical traditions that may (or may not) be harmless, but are frivolous.

Years ago I began pondering the entire Christmas tradition. What I found was rather perplexing given the linkage to paganism. Too, Jesus was likely born in the Fall, and the "wise men" were probably astronomers. All the stuff related to trees, tinsel, glitter and mega-shopping is little more than worldly hype (I'm as guilty as anyone).

Fascinating stuff! It reminds me to sift/sort what it is that I believe or do.


Missy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got my background to look like paper by increasing the contrast on the one that I had. That will probably help. I can design you one if you'd like! I've really been trying to get better at blog design.

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