Where in the world are you?

Just Married with Coupons

I love this blog hop!  I like to find out where people are and what it's like where they live.

I live near Chicago, but I am out in the country.
We get the best of both worlds around here!
Just yesterday I was downtown Chicago volunteering at a feeding center 
(yes, I was with drunks, pimps, transvestites, the poor, needy and afflicted, and plenty of others)
and came home where I can see horses in the back yard 
and a donkey across the street!
What is interesting about the world around you?


Anonymous said...

You sound as though you lead an amazing life. I'm a sheep and arable farmer but am very much a country gal, never go to the city but visit the town occasionally.

I love this blog hopping, have found some fascinating people to connect with.

CJ xx

curlie girlie said...

I'm your newest follower from the Where in the World Are You blog hop...come follow me too! :)
Sara http://curliegirlie03.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

We are suburb, desert dwellers now. But have lived in tropical rainforests, scorching humidity, thatched villages, the African bush ... and blizzard cold forestville. Each place I have loved. Each place desperate to hear of Grace.

Happy day,

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