Ending my 21 day fast tonight.  I'm thinking about ending it with this giant burger!  :)

Just kidding.  I have to admit, a small slice of this would be very FUN to eat!

Are you ending a fast today?  How are you celebrating?


Angie Vik said...

That's an awfully big sandwich. I've never done a 21 day fast. Hope it went well for you and accomplished what you'd hoped for. Have a good weekend, my friend.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Wow, that is HUGE but it looks good - I'll take a piece!

How did the fast go? I have never done one so I am curious!

New follower - thanks for sharing!


Musings By Michele said...

Thanks for following my blog. Returning the favor & looking forward to your posts.


SchmoobleeSaver said...

That's the biggest burger i've seen in my life :) If I was fasting, I'd attempt to eat it!

I'm a new GFC follower. I came across your blog on the Weekend Blog Hop.

I would love if you followed me back! Check out my savings blog! http://www.schmoobleesaves.com

Thanks, look forward to your posts.

♥ Gabrielle

Danielle said...

That is a HUGE burger!

Thanks for linking up at my Sunday hop. Returning the follow.


Hot Mess Mom said...

Wow a 21 day fast! What amazing willpower! And what a hilarious quote you overheard at church! :)

I'm your newest follower from Swingin' by Sunday! I'd love for you to swing on over to my blog and follow back! :)


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