My Praises for Today

Praises From a Wife and Mommy posted the question today:  What are your praises?  And I thought I'd answer on my blog.

  • God is growing me, teaching me, and using my gifts (prophecy)

  • I have been able to speak into 2 people's lives about God healing the Rosacea that I used to have.

  • God has given me opportunities (I stay home A LOT and homeschool our kids) to get out and approach strangers for His sake and theirs.

  • We are getting a huge snow storm and it's exciting!!

  • I got blessed with another blog gig.

  • I had a Starbucks!  Mmmmmmm....

  • Speaking praise in advance:  God is going to provide a wonderful place for us to live!


There are so many more but I don't want to bore you!  :)

What are your praises for today?


Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

AWESOME! Tell me about the healing!!! GOD IS SO GOOD

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

You have been truly blessed!!

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