Changed My Hair AGAIN ~ Before and After Pics

I love to change my hair!  I love to cut my hair!  No, I'm not a beautician but I can't see spending $25 every few weeks to get a cut.  I can't stand having my hair out of shape, so I cut it about every 3 weeks by myself.

This winter, I did something a little radical for me.  Usually, I have my natural color (lighter brown) and then I highlight.  ($7.00 at Walmart)  A few weeks ago, I decided to color my hair a medium brown with a maple tint.  That has since wore out.

This time... I decided to go... dark brown with a burgundy tint.  I love it!  My hair now matches my leather jacket and my Bible!

Wondering what the red circle on my head is?

If you look real close, there is a little white line.  That would be a gray hair!  LOL!

For spring, I'm thinking about going totally bleached!  We'll see!

Maybe something similar to what Tiz Huch has:

Listen to Pastor Tiz Huch here!

1 comment:

Angie Vik said...

You do a nice job with your hair. I'm impressed that you cut it yourself. I'm not sure about the white though. :)

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