Something to think about

If we serve God with the same diligence that we served sin, the result will be holiness, not to mention abundant blessing! 

At one time in my life, I was serving sin to the max. 
I'm not saying that I don't sin now, but the difference is,
I'm not living for the sin.  I'm not living for that lifestyle.
I'm living for God.  I want to serve Him. 

Picture this man in your head: 
This man is a womanizer.
On the weekends, he goes from bar to bar
just looking for the woman that is willing ~
The needy woman who falls for his... lines.
During the week, he flirts with all of the women
in the office.  Just hoping one... just one will be willing.
A lot of energy goes into what he is doing.
He lives for sex.  He lives for one-nighters.

Now, that man decides to live for God.
Imagine the possibilities.
Imagine him putting all of that energy
and attention on God's Kingdom!
Imagine this man being filled with the Spirit
and using his gifts to their full potential.

What happens when someone gives themselves fully to God?

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