I'm A Proud Mama

I just have to tell ya about our 14 year old son.  He is very into producing and editing  movies and photos.  When left to himself, that is what he does.  (Yes, that means a LOT of computer time.)  He is also getting trained by professionals at another church! 

God has His hand on this boy/man.  God's favor is all over him and we point that out when needed.  I say "when needed" because he is quite capable of seeing God even when we don't!  He already knows what his Spiritual gift is and I praise God for giving that particular gift to him. 

He loves to serve God with his talents and abilities.   He just got a professional program to do video editing and is making a "commercial" for our church.  Another way he loves to serve God is by going downtown Chicago with us to serve the poor and homeless meals. 

I just had to tell the world... or... my readers about our oldest son.  I praise God for him.  He amazes me. 


Mary R. said...

Very commendable. God Bless.

Angie Vik said...

Looks like he's a great kid. So glad to hear he is using his interests and talents for the kingdom. It's neat when our kids find their niche.

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