Monkey See Monkey Do

Have you ever heard someone tell their kids, "Don't do that!" and then hear the response, "...but Mom, YOU do it!"?

That is a simple case of "Do what I say, not what I do."

Our influence as parents is so much bigger than what we think.  We may think that Justin Bieber (or some other latest and greatest) has more influence over our kids than we do.  Don't get me wrong, the world has plenty of influence if we let it but, as parents, our influence is heads and tails above.

I'll give you a great example. My husband and I have been fasting for several years now.  Of course, our kids see us do it and hear my husband teach about it in church.  Now that they are old enough to make up their own minds and listen to the Holy Spirit themselves, they are participating in our most recent fast.

Just this week, I got all of my scrapbooking supplies out and started making cards for people.  Double Espresso (12) was watching me and before I knew it, he was digging into my supplies and making cards for his friends.  As a matter of fact, for the last 3 days, he has sat down and made several cards.  All I did is leave the supplies out on the table.

That is a simple case of "Monkey see, monkey do."

Whether it is a good deed, a selfish ambition, laziness, or being disciplined, our children are watching.  They see us do and they eventually repeat it.

You can break that chain (if it's a destructive chain)!  You know the one.  "My grand-mama did it.  My mama did it.  I did it and now my baby girl is doing it!"

"I command all hereditary spirits of lust, rejection, fear, sickness, infirmity, disease, anger, hatred, confusion, failure, and poverty to come out of my life in the name if Jesus.  Through Jesus, my family is blessed!  I break all generational rebellion that would cause me or my children to resist the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51)."

"I am a son/daughter of the blessed (Mark 14:61).
I live in a kingdom of the blessed (Mark 11:10).
My sins are forgiven, and I am blessed (Rom. 4:7)
Lord, You daily load me with benefits (Ps. 68:19)
I am chosen by God, and I am blessed (Ps. 65:4)"

Now, speak and pray those wonderful words, those generational chain breaking words, over your children.  You don't have to live chained to what your parents did!  You can be free from what has been passed down to you!

Your kids will be happy to repeat what you do!  Walking and living in the Spirit are things worth repeating!



1 comment:

Angie Vik said...

You're so right. I've seen my kids imitate me, both good and bad. Good thoughts, thanks for sharing.

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