He knows...

What love
He knows exactly what I like
They are beautiful

Who is he?  God...

We were walking into Dunkin Doughnuts (for the boys) and I spotted them.  They were beautiful!  The pink rose bushes lined the walk.  I thought... how I miss my roses.  We lost a home one time where I had a rose garden.  They were so beautiful and taking care of them was my special time to myself ~ Time away from little kiddos!

Tonight, a woman at church came storming through the door and marched across the building holding out her hand.  In it was a little white vase with a bunch of pink roses.  They looked like the same roses that I was admiring just the day before.  I thanked her and told her that I appreciated her listening to God.

He loves me!  As if I didn't already know that, He decided to show me by hearing my thoughts and giving me pink roses.  Wow...  I think that is so sweet and I am so humbled.

By the way, I did not get a doughnut... this time ;)

1 comment:

Sonya Lee said...

What a precious reminder that He loves us!! He sent me flowers once, too. Isn't it a precious thing!

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