Free Reading: Marriage

Ever wonder what the Bible says about marriage and sex?  Oh, it's in there!  God shows us a wonderful picture of what that area of our lives is supposed to be like.

A great place to start:  Read through the Song of Solomon; it doesn't take long.

Step 2:  Find a guide that helps to explain the symbolism in the book. (I've included some below.)

Step 3:  Read it again or at least parts of it, and as you read it, read it to your husband and explain what the symbols mean.  First of all, he'll think your smart (LOL)!  Plus it may sprinkle some... excitement into both of you!

Also, you can subscribe to some Twitters that send out marriage tips.  They are really great reminders.

Here are a few: The Marriage Mentor, The Marriage Bed, Seeds 4 Couples, Family Matters, Marriage Today, Marriage Family

Things to read:

Romantic Lovers - Song of Solomon (PDF ~ Explanation of Song of Solomon)

The Joy of One Flesh  (Romantic Ideas ~ These look like real fun! PDF)

Sex Romance and the Glory of God  (Ladies, you WANT your husband to read this book! ~ Book review PDF)

The Bible - A Love Story  (PDF ~ Stages of a Jewish wedding)

Good Romance (PDF ~ Romance before and after marriage with Scriptures!)

Have any resource ideas?

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Sassy Granny ... said...

You know what, even at 64 I still love hearing what God has to say about this subject. We can never know too much about how to fortify bonds & keep the flame burning.

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