Webcam ~ Mature Love

You are going to LOVE this!

My husband got this in the email today from "Family Life Today" and I just had to share.

It is so sweet, loving, even flirty.  They remind me of my husband and I but so. much. older.  That is going to be us someday!  Probably sooner than we think.... sigh...

This is their description of the video:

"Bruce and Esther Huffman of McMinnville, Oregon, sat down at their new computer and tried to figure out how to capture a picture from the webcam. What Esther didn’t know was that she had activated the video capture and the computer was recording everything.   In the video, as Esther puzzles over the computer, Bruce acts like a monkey, moans over wrinkles in his forehead, yawns and burps, compliments Esther on her hair, and much more. It’s hilarious and touching, a nice picture of a couple who are still crazy about each other after all those years."

"The Huffmans discovered the recording a couple days later and showed it to their granddaughter, who then uploaded it to YouTube. And now it’s a hit, running up nearly 9 million hits since August. It’s worth watching."

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MRH Nursing said...

This was hilarious! And sooo sweet! Reminds me of my parents! LOL! Thank you for sharing!

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