The Most Awesome Day!

I had the most awesome day yesterday.  I received a call from a friend to see if I could run some shopping errands with her.  Sounds "normal" enough, doesn't it?  

This was far from normal.

When I was a little girl, K through 3rd grade, I had a best friend.  In kindergarten, we discovered that we shared a birthday!  That is most exciting to two new friends! As we talked with our mothers, we discovered that we were born on the same day, in the same town, at the same hospital, with the same doctor, at the same time!

Not only that, but our mothers remembered each other!  No doubt because it was my mother's first baby so the doctor delivered me.  It was her mother's 8th child so her father and nurse delivered her!

After 3rd grade, my mother moved me to the local public school. Many years had gone by and I hadn't heard from my little friend.  One day, my mother got news that my friend was going to leave the country to go to the mission field full time!  She got my friend's phone number for me and I made the call to say a long lost "hello" and "good-bye."

We talked as if no time had passed!  Her voice even sounded the same to me.  It was bitter sweet but the beginning of a life-long friendship.  Since then, we have seen each other several times when she comes back on furlough, and she has even spoken in our church.  Of course, we keep in touch through email!

So, the phone call from a friend to run some shopping errands was no ordinary call.  It was a blessing from the LORD that we both serve, to spend some time together even though we are normally worlds apart.

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Angie Vik said...

Good friends are a blessing. How special to be friends with someone you have so much in common with. I always thought it would be interesting to find out where life has taken all the children born in the same hospital on the same day.

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