The Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window… absolutely beautiful... woods, sunshine, basketballs sitting still in the driveway.

I am thinking... about how good God has been to me. He is revealing a path for my life and I can't wait to know more! (Hint: speaking ministry)

I am thankful... for my beautiful marriage, loving family, my crazy boyz that make me laugh.

From the learning rooms… Espresso is loving his new Algebra 1 online curriculum, Double Espresso is loving his italics cursive presidential quotes curriculum (mouthful!), I am loving learning about the Jewish betrothal process and how that relates to the Scriptures, husband is loving learning about taking faith to a miraculous level.

In the kitchen… cutting up and freezing the green peppers and mushrooms that are on sale at Aldi this week.  GP $1 for 3 big ones, Mush $0.79 per pack.

I am wearing… right now, black sweats and black T, I plan on looking... real good... for hubs later!

I am creating… a night of worship for Friday Night Praise at church.

I am going… to praise team practice... that's about it!  It takes a lot to get me out of the house. I like it here...

I am reading… the book of Mark with a college girl.  I am mentoring her through the Bible. Her fiance has decided to go into ministry.  Wow... responsibility!

I am hoping... for soooo much!  ...and my God is soooo good!  Ok, time for transparency.  I am hoping to find a like-minded friend. ;) 

I am looking forward to… our beautiful family dinner, complete with fancy dishes, table cloth, and candles.  For what? Because we love each other.  That's it...

I am hearing… silence for now...  DE is using the computer and E is reading his Bible.

Around the house… I am always trying to decorate and make this house more cozy. :)  Looking for ways to re-arrange!  

I am pondering… thoughts on how God works. His thoughts are not ours.  His ways are not ours.

One of my favorite things… doing laundry on my tall bed while watching Joyce Meyer.  God speaks to me through her lessons.  Joyce is my hero!

A few plans for the rest of the week: to enjoy it!

Here is picture I am sharing…

photo credit: I encourage you to go see her blog!

Some day, I will have a special, shabby chic room all of my own.  A quiet place with fluffy pillows, a chandelier, books, tea cups, and lace.  A place where I can feel feminine.  A place to sit and hear from God...  Until then, I will relish in this place of boyz, dogs, dirty hands, and wrestling matches.  I do LOVE my boyz!


Bethe77 said...

I will be praying for you on your like minded friend. I have a friend that is living in Fl that I have ben praying for her on that as well. Im sure God has the perfect friend for you and her both Janet.

Dawn said...

Praying for you as you follow God's leading. Happy Thanksgiving!

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