Lifetime Membership Giveaway!

I am giving away 2 lifetime memberships to Accountable2You!  See details below.

"Our software monitors all computer activity allowing you to be fully accountable to your partner(s). Accountable2You is specifically designed for people who want to be accountable."

Does that sound like something that would be beneficial to your family or office? Accountability builds integrity!  

What exactly does Accountable2You do?  
You install a simple download on each computer in your home or office.  When a computer goes to a site that is questionable, it sends an email alert to an email address (or addresses) of your choice.  That's the accountability!  Anyone you choose (or even just yourself) can be notified.  The softwear records everything viewed on the computer including the Internet, pictures, videos, movies, chat applications and everything else. 

Click here for: Accountable2You Frequently Asked Questions

We have this softwear installed on all of our computers and I love it!  We have 2 teenagers and this helps to prove their integrity as Godly men.

Records Internet activityWorks on PC and Mac
Records P2P program use  Records YouTube
Records image searches  Records social networking
Records video searches  Records opened movies

This is what a report will look like: Accountability Report

Lifetime Membership Giveaway Details:

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Visit Accountable2You and tell me what you would like most about this service.  Then, leave your answer with your email in a comment below.

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Giveaway ends:  Tuesday, February 21, 2012

**I was not compensated in any way by Accountable2You. All opinions are my own.

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