This is how I scrub my tub, scrub my tub...

I have one of those deep, big tubs.  It really is difficult to get in there and clean!  I can't reach... I'm not going to clean it while I shower because, unfortunately, this tub demands a scrubber with a chemical.

What is a girl to do when her men family dirties the tub and it must be scrubbed?

She goes to the dollar store and buys one of these big dudes to do the job!

I also have white tile on the walls and ceiling of this deep tub.  It's virtually impossible to clean...until today!  

  1. Stay outside of tub (Yeah!!!)
  2. Squirt soft scrubbing liquid in tub, around tub and on walls
  3. Run a small amount of water in bottom of tub
  4. Start "mopping" the tub and walls (Easy peasy)
  5. Use blue scrubbing part of mop to get into crevices around jets and handles
  6. Rinse tub and walls
  7. Use leftover scrub on mop to "mop" the ceiling

It works for me!

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