Everything Really Is Beautiful! How my shop was born

Everything Beautiful was born out of a desire to bless. I wanted to bless some single moms with jewelry, so I set out to learn how to make it. The next thing I knew, I was in the bead isle at the local craft store admiring "everything beautiful!" Before too long, an Etsy store was formed! Wow! That was quick.

I love to leave the door open as I design and create. My garden, hummingbirds, and flowers are all very inspirational to me. I love the way nature makes me feel....artsy and close to the Creator! 

I like to design unique jewelry that is an inspiration to anyone who sees it or wears it. Many of my pieces are either totally unique or there are only 2-3 in existence. My absolute favorite thing to do is custom pieces.

My studio takes up about a quarter of my dining room and my family is gracious enough to share it! It is physically located just outside of Chicago ~ far enough away to live in the country but close enough to enjoy the windy city!

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