Dinner Menu Planner

I have a great desire to lower our grocery bill without couponing!  I don't want to take the time to coupon (at least until I find an easy QUICK way) as I have tons of other things I'd rather be doing.

So instead, I've been on a sale quest.  I am trying to stock up our pantry using only sales.  It is a slow process but it works for me.

Another thing I am doing is making lunch/dinner menus to keep our week and shopping trips more organized.  I've done this in the past and it really works for me ...until I get off track...

Let me introduce you to "Penny."  She has a beautiful blog with tons of resources for dinners and menu planning.  And guess what?  It's FREE!!  What a sweetie!

Free Menu Planner from Meet Penny

At the bottom of the post, she has her plan for September and a blank one for you to fill in with your own ideas.

Do you menu plan?

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