Do teen boys think it's un-cool to pray?

Look at 'em.  Teenage boys, praying at the "alter" for people they don't even know.  What's cool about that other than the obvious?  Many of them offer up prayers when it's their very first time in church EVER!

Our youngest (13) is quite the evangelist. He is a people magnet.  People of all ages like to talk with him, hang out with him, and goof off with him.  That is perfect considering there is a whole world out there that needs Jesus.

More than one good thing has come out of us being "homeless" and living in my in-law's basement for 22 months.  Our kids made good friends while living in the same neighborhood my husband grew up in.  Yeah, it was strange but it's great now.

Even though we've moved (4 times since then) our son (13) plays with these same boys on a regular basis.  Even though he is the youngest sibling, he is turning into quite the leader.  Even though he is different (homeschooled preacher's boy), they still follow.

Because of his magnetism and leadership, about 8 kids have come to church with our son.  3 of them come on a regular basis and 1 of them has officially accepted Jesus into his life.  I believe 3 others have also but we haven't talked about it yet.

So how do these boys (or their friends) end up at the alter praying for people they don't know?

Our church members collect serious prayer requests from the community, their friends, and their loved ones.  The requests are put on cards and on Wednesdays, the cards are spread out all over the church.  After the worship and after their faith is stirred up through a mini sermon, people are let loose to pray over whichever cards they want.

These boys willingly go to the stage "alter" and kneel or sit and pray.  It is soooo touching that I often tear up.  Even though they may have never been in church before and don't come from Christian homes, they don't find it "un-cool" to pray for others.

God is so amazing!  Many people have said that when they walk through the doors of our church, they feel the power of God.  Others say that they feel a blanket of love.  I believe that these teenage boys feel both and WANT it!


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