"Celebrating" Halloween? See what John Ramirez has to say.

We all have choices to make.  One thing we have to choose is how we spend our holidays and celebrations.

So, as Christians, should we celebrate Halloween?  Everyone has their own opinion.  Some think it's ok and harmless.  Some think it's harmless only if you dress up in "good" costumes and carve "happy" pumpkins. Others say, no way; we're not celebrating the devil.  And then there is the group that says, we will use the devil's holiday to tell people about God.

I'm not writing this post to condemn anyone or to debate the big Halloween debate.  I would like to tell you what our experience is and share a very moving testimony from John Ramirez.  After you hear his story, you won't look at things the same way.

My story:

We used to approach Halloween this way: 
As long as we dress like angels, Bible characters, and innocent Bob the Builder, we aren't participating in the devil's holiday.  We carved our happy pumpkins and handed out notes about Jesus with candy to the trick-or-treaters.

...then things changed.

My husband got serious about God and answered His call to ministry.  Hubs started getting up at 4 AM to study the Bible and get training for ministry before he went to work in the factory.

The enemy didn't like that.  Once he saw that my hubs was series, demons started coming to our home.  They started making sounds in the house, banging on the floor, the door, and cackling at my hubs while he mowed the lawn.  They would stand up in the neighbor's upstairs window and watch us.  (She was a witch.)

Having been raised in a particular denomination, we hadn't been taught about demons or how to get rid of them.  I called my uncle (a pastor) to find out what to do and he helped us.  It worked.  Praise the Lord!

Demons, devils, witches, death, murder, hell... not a joking matter! 

Needless to say, after experiencing demons and real witches, Halloween wasn't FUN anymore!  We made the decision to tell people about Christ EVERYDAY and chose not to focus or participate in Halloween in any way, shape, or form.

Our children don't miss out on anything.  They live happy and fulfilled lives all throughout the year.  They don't want to have anything to do with devils or demons either.

John Ramirez might have something to say about Christians participating in Halloween.

Demons, witches, warlocks, spell casters...  He knew all about those all too well.  He WAS one... until he discovered Jesus!!

Hear his story:

photo credit: oskay via photopin cc

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