Selling Like Crazy! Christian Handmade Jewelry

These items have been selling like crazy!

I REALLY like these!  Keep them in mind for gift giving!
At $20, they make a great gift!

I'd like to show you samples of my hand-stamped designs.  
These can be custom ordered in my Etsy store or through my blog.

The top pics are of a necklace for "Life."  These would make great gifts for someone who is pregnant or who has little kids/babies.  
I put a pink Swarovski crystal in this one but that can be changed to blue or any other color.  

The "Life" necklace says, "Psalm 139" and "wonderful precious."

The bottom necklaces are called "Proverbs 31."
These were made for a MOPS group so the second charm says their name and "MOPS."

I can do these in copper and silver, silver and gold, or silver and silver.

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