Rebooting My Life!

Definition of "reboot" ~  To turn (a computer or operating system) off and then on again; restart.

My dear friend Jen at the blog "Beautiful Mess" has helped me to step out and do what the Lord told me to.  What is that?  Juice. 

At one time in my life I had a disease on my face and God told me to do the Daniel Fast.  I did it and was healed in two weeks.  The disease has NEVER come back.  You can read about that here:  Rosacea Cure, Rosacea, Daniel Fast.

(The pic to the right is similar to what my face looked like without makeup. My hubs said mine was actually worse.)

I have heard that voice again, that soft, whispering voice of God.  This time He told me to juice.  It just so happens that my friend has recently done some juicing and I decided to take a look at what inspired her and go from there.

Our family sat down together last night and watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead."  The website has the trailer that you can watch and recipes!  Mmmmm... I can't wait.

In the past, we've watched shows like "Super Size Me" and "Food Inc."  Those movies show what's wrong with our food and how people get fat, sick, and tired by eating them.  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is quite the opposite of those shows and is very refreshing!

Needless to say, I've heard from God, I've been inspired, I've done my homework, and now it's time for ACTION!

So the question remains; why did God tell me to do a juice fast?  Who knows!  I'll probably find out midstream or when I am finished.  Could it be to get rid of about 40 pounds of fluff?  Probably.  Could it be to boost my immune system?  Probably.  Could it be to give me more energy?  Probably.  Could it be to ward off disease?  Probably!

Amen and hallelujah!  God is sooooo good to ME!  

I KNOW He wants good things for me.
I KNOW He wants me healed.
I KNOW He has blessed me and continues to do so everyday!

Thank You Jesus!

Rebooting My Life ~ Day 1

photo credit: Food Thinkers via photopin cc
photo 2 credit
photo 3: Copyright 2012 Janet Powers

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Becca Acker said...

It's amazing when we can KNOW God wants us to do something and KNOW that the results will be amazing if we obey!
Would you care to share this on my Healthy Tuesday hop? I would love to have you!

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