Fashion with a Purpose ~ Take a Stand

(Although I often do product reviews, this is not one. This is my own post for my own purpose.)

I believe that this company and its mission is worth not only our attention but our support.  I was watching the 700 Club (yesterday's) and saw this piece on "elegantees.com."

Their fashion mission is to provide modest tops and dresses for girls/women that still look great and are today's styles.  Their faith mission for the shop is to provide jobs for women in India so they can avoid the sex trafficking industry. I believe in BOTH of their missions!

To "top" it off, the prices are great!

Here are some of the tops that I like:
Price: $22.90

This top is on clearance for $17.90

Dress: $44.90
Check it out for yourself:
Photos via: www.elegantees.com

1 comment:

Angie Vik said...

Thanks for the heads up. These look nice. The first top is my favorite.

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