Time... KISS ~ My Dream Staycation

I love to live a simple life.  Right now, things aren't so simple. There is a bit more activity going on than what I am used to. I'll fill you in more later on that as it is a HUGE answer to prayer.  ;) ...and quite a blessing as well.

My motto is: KISS ~ Keep It Simple Sista!

I long for some warm, simple, summer days that are in my future.

My dream day:  Wake up, have my coffee, read a little, head out to the garden, pick some blessing, take it inside and grab a bite to eat, put on my suit and head to the pool, get cooled off and sit on my swing, read some more, make a nice healthy dinner for my family, watch our boys have fun all day, eat dinner, relax with my husband and watch the boys have more fun, sit on the swing with hubs and dream some more, water the garden together, take a walk together, and talk with the boys about the plans for the rest of the week.

Sounds like a vacation!  Well actually, it's my version (one out of four actually) of a one day vacation and that day is in the making!  ;)

photo credit: OakleyOriginals via photopin cc
photo credit: J. Chris Vaughan via photopin cc

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