The never ending "to-do" list

Do you have one?  Of course you do!  You are probably a mom... or a wife... or... both!

We moms tend to struggle a bit.  We love our children but we have so much TO DO!  How do we balance it all?  Well, that takes skill, organization, and sometimes, quite frankly, a miracle from God!

I was just sitting down to make my "to-do" list for the week and I saw this post from Sarah at Splashin' Glory.  She is an awesome bloggy momma!  Go check her out.  I know you will be blessed by her posts.

While on Sarah's blog, I found this lady: Nan from Mom's the Word.  What was her post about today?  Why LIST MAKING of course!!

By the way, both of these blessed women are having a linky party so go link up!

Now, back to the subject of lists.  I ♥heart♥ lists!  I make lists for EVERYTHING!  It's crazy!  I tell people about lists, I suggest to many... make a list!

Sadly, lists have a way of taking over.  I know people who let their list and their calendars run their lives.  So much so, their kids don't get to stay home and just be kids.  Often times, their kids look tired and run down because they are always off and runnin after mom's list.

Hey moms, I have an idea!  Let's chill out!  We can let our list gently remind us that there are important things to do.  Our lists don't have to rule our lives.  We can set the list down and let the Holy Spirit lead us instead or our calendars.  Let me tell you, that is soooo much better.

You may need to hear:  It's not going to be the end of the world if your items on your list don't get done!  Really!  I promise.  The world will still be goin round even if you put down your list and take a break!

A simple prayer:  Heavenly Father, I know You love me.  I know that you want what is best for me because I am Your child and it's in Your Word.  I need help!  My list and my calendar have taken over my life.  I know that things need done but I also know that there are other more important things in life like loving and enjoying my family and most importantly, pursuing You and Your ways.   
I am humbly asking You today to help me have a balance between Martha and Mary. I want to sit at Your feet and enjoy You and still make sure my family has the essentials.   
I know that it's possible with Your help, because with You, all things are possible.  I love You and I will listen to Your voice as You lead me into balance. Thank You in advance for what You are doing and are going to do in my life. I know that You will do more than anything I can ask or imagine. You are an awesome, loving, leading God!  In Jesus name!

My encouragement to you is: It IS possible.  

How do I know that? Because I've done that very thing.  God is so good!


Kelsey Ferguson said...

Loved your post! Thank you so much for your prayer! I really needed this today. I am doing a lot better with my to-do-lists, but sometimes I can go a little nuts!

momstheword said...

I loved what you said about letting the Spirit lead us rather than our calendars!

Thanks for your sweet words, my friend. I love lists too. I love making them so I can cross things off, lol!

Thanks so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

Sarah said...

How you crazy bless so many ... thanks bunches for splashing around with us at momma notes. Lacing up for the race ... hope you'll join us in cheering other moms on.


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