Prayer & Fasting

It's that time again! Our church does so many things together and one thing that is most looked forward to is fasting.

Sound strange? It's really not when you find out about all of the blessings that pore in as a result of drawing near to God.

You may say, "but I've never fasted" or "I don't even know what a fast is."  That's ok!  There is plenty of info out there on fasting.  Do a little research and jump in!  (I don't recommend you jump in to a total fast or if you have severe health issues. If you do, you should check with your doctor...after you pray.)

Even if you don't read anything else, watch any teachings or listen to any sermons on fasting, I highly recommend you look in the Bible to see what God says about fasting.  Fasting is mentioned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Here are two examples:
OT: Isaiah 58:5-12  I love this! (Click the link. It will take you right to the Scriptures.)

NT: Matthew 6 Pay close attention to verses 2,3,5,7,16,17, & 18... ok ok... I like the whole entire chapter of Matthew 6!  It certainly won't hurt to read the whole thing!

The first verses (in my list) mention "when you give."  The middle verses mention "when you pray." And verses 17 on mention "when you fast."  We know that we should give to the poor, we know that we should pray, but many people don't realize that fasting brings great results as well!

Ok, enough talk.  Here are some more resources to get you started or to refresh your memory as to why you fast and what happens when you do.

Bill Winston Ministries has a great PDF eBook (free) that is only 8 pages long and covers all of the questions as to what, when, how, why, and what is the result of fasting.

Fasting eBook

Jentezen Franklin has some great sermons on fasting where he explains everything as well.  (This is some good preachin!)

Fasting Sermons

Daniel Fast Food List

I have posted my own testimony on YouTube about the result of a fast that God supernaturally told me to do.  The short of it is: He told me to do the Daniel Fast.  I didn't even know what that was.  Did some research and decided to do it.  2 weeks into it, I was healed of the face disfiguring disease "rosacea" that I had for 8 years.  To answer many people's question, NO!  It didn't and has never come back!

Praise the Lord!

Jentezen Franklin Sermon:

Blessings to you as you enter your fasting journey.  Please leave a comment if you have decided to fast.  I'd love to hear about your journey.

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