Does God forgive ALL your sin?

Not everyone has lived a pure life.  Some actually have sin in their past...present...future! I, for one, am thankful that the Bible says that God forgives ALL my sin.  He washed it ALL away!

ALL... that is an interesting word.  Wonder what it means?  I looked it up.  All means... all!  Praise the LORD for that!

Check this out:

Psalm 103:1-3aBless the Lord, O my soul,And all that is within me, bless His holy name.Bless the Lord, O my soul,And forget none of His benefits; Who pardons all your iniquities,

One benefit of the LORD (Yahweh) is the forgiveness or pardoning of ALL your iniquities!  There's that word again... ALL.  I am so glad He didn't go through my sin list and pick out SOME to pardon.

That was Psalm 103:1-3"A." What does the rest of verse 3 say?
"Who heals all your diseases"

There's that word again!  ALL.  ALL.  ALL.  

The Bible says that the LORD (Yahweh) heals ALL your diseases!  Hallelujah!  God is sooooo good.  

...but what does the Word say?

I don't mean to shock you here but, some people deny the healing power of the LORD.  Some people actually think that God doesn't heal anymore.

I wonder why they pray and ask God to fix their symptoms if they don't believe in healing?

I also wonder why they go to the doctor and get meds if they don't believe in healing?  Isn't that a transfer of faith? Instead of "I believe God is healer" it is transferred to "I believe this doctor / meds will make me well."  So...  they DO believe in healing....from the doctor / meds!  

Their faith is in the wrong thing. 

I've seen people put their faith in Yahweh the healer and be healed.  I've also seen people put their faith in their doctor / meds and be healed.  ...interesting.

My faith is in the LORD.  The Word says over and over that He is the healer of my body.  

Yahweh Rapha
The LORD my healer.

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