Brand New Jewelry Line: Beach Jewelry - With a Story of course

I am SO excited to show you my new line of beach jewelry!

Our family went on vacation and the childhood beach lover in me was found!  She was lost for so very long while I raised our little boys...who aren't so little anymore.

I used to totally live at the beach.  The little beach I frequented had a tiny bit of sand and a long dock.   Me and my girlfriend sunned ourselves on that dock for years and years.  We splashed in the water, tried to talk to each other under water, dug holes with our feet in the water...so many memories.

When we got to Florida it was evening and raining. Imagine that!  LOL  My husband isn't the main beach lover of the family so our oldest son (18) accompanied his mama to the beach...in the rain...at sunset.

All of a sudden, to my surprise, I got all excited and felt like a little girl again.  I immediately kicked off my shoes and headed for the salt water.  It's a good thing I had a knee length skirt on.  Because of the storm, the waves were crashing in strong even though it was the gulf.  That didn't stop me!

The water was so warm on my feet.  The air was windy and crisp with no sunshine from the "sunshine state."  I started to wade in the rough waves and if I had had a towel in the car, I'm SURE I would have went in..all the way in...in my skirt!

As my son watched his mama become a little girl, I began to comb the beach for shells and interesting little critters.  I kept telling him how beautiful the beach and gulf were as if he couldn't tell or needed to be convinced.

It started to get pretty dark and my husband was wondering what on earth we were doing since it was storming and we went to the beach...at dusk.  I reluctantly put my shoes back on and we headed back to the hotel suite where that little girl  I would have to wait out the night until we could go visit the beach again.

There is so much more to tell but I will leave the story there so I can show you the new beach line of jewelry.

You can find all of this beautiful
beach jewelry in my shop: 


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