Everything Beautiful - What does my jewelry studio look like?

It all started with a little pile of metal "sticks" (head pins), beads, and french ear wires...

I wanted to make some jewelry for some single moms in our church so I set out to learn how.  Before long, I was in the bead isle and completely confused.  I found what I needed and got out of there real quick!

Over time though, I learned and began really liking what I was making!  Now, I have a whole living room that is my jewelry studio.  I have several stations such as my messy desk where all of the action happens, a hand stamping station for metal designs, a photography station, shipping station, painting station, and an I need a break coffee station!

I will show you some photos of my more current studio later but for now, here are some that I've taken over time.

This is my first studio

Reality photo of my hand stamping station...oh it gets messier...

Getting a necklace ready to ship

Believe it or not A LOT of time goes into internet / computer work.  
Jewelry is just PART of a jewelry business. ;)

Lots of orders going out every day

My newest studio - LOL it's NEVER THIS clean!!! 
But you get the idea

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