Coupons and Bargains -- part 2 / Grab a coupon link

I went grocery shopping again today. I was terribly disappointed last week because Dream Latte's paycheck didn't get deposited on time for me to get last weeks sales with coupons. Well, God made up for that! There were so many more things on sale that I could use coupons for that I think I got better deals this week than I would have last week!

I saved $25.00 in coupons and $30.00 in sales. That is a total of $55.00 in savings! What a blessing from the Lord. ...and I was so proud of myself! My husband went with me and I was able to show him how I can help contribute to our finances without having to work outside the home. (Not that he wants me to, I was just proud of myself.)

I wouldn't mind having a way of making money while I am at home but for now, coupons and sales are where it's at for me!

Do you have a way that you make money while staying home or have you come across some good deals lately?

Grab A Link:

Here are some places that I get coupons from:

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