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I was listening to Revive Our Hearts today and they interviewed Michelle Rickett from Sisters In Service. This is a ministry (that you can get involved in) that reaches out to women and children around the world who are oppressed and in poor living conditions. They help them with their physical needs and give them the hope that we have in Jesus.

From their website:

Our Mission:
Sisters In Service informs, mobilizes,
and equips Advocates to extend God's love to women and children through local partnerships in the least- reached places of the world.
Our Strategy is:
To establish overseas partnerships with local Christians in
East Asia, North Africa/Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia in order to extend God's love through spiritual development, education, leadership development, healthcare and economic opportunities for women and children.

To mobilize and equip people here at home to serve our sisters overseas by providing information and opportunities for global engagement.

To recruit, train and deploy advocates for a deeper level of engagement.
SIS advocates mobilize others and marshal resources to serve our sisters in the hard places of the world.

I am looking into how I can get involved. All of the info is on their site. There are many articles to read that tell what is going on with women around the world.

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Candie said...

I just posted an interview with Michele Rickett, founder and president of Sisters In Service, on my recently launched blog, Stitchable Sisters:


Thanks for listening and sharing with others!

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