A Little Update On the House Situation

Well ladies, it looks as though we will be in an apartment or rental house within the next couple of months. We could settle for anything and be in by the end of the week, but we are waiting on the LORD. I, personally, would like a miracle act of God. I would love to have an awesome story for how we found the "house". That's probably selfish of me but I so want to BRAG on my God.

There is plenty to boast about in the Lord... I don't know... just thinkin. I probably shouldn't do that!

We are going to look at a place but I just don't have that peace feeling about the location. Some of the other ones I have but they fell through or weren't a stable enough lease.

Thanking God Today

I am thankful for:
my awesome husband
the boys and their individuality
my vacuum
a safe trip
beautiful scenery
my Hebrew roots
the ability to learn
the desire to learn
Spiritual gifts and the manifestation of them

the home we will have (SOON)
the crafts that I will be able to do
the children our God is going to bless us with


Beautiful Mess said...

Thanks for the update. Praying you get to BRAG! Praying fro THE house! and HIS peace!

excited about your thankful list--especially the "children" :)

All my love! Jen

Angie Vik said...

Yay for vacuums. :) Love how you're trusting and thanking God. Hope just the right living situation materializes soon.

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