Well ladies, I'm finally home!  It feels like a dream ~ like I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone ~ even this very minute!!  It has been so awesome.  So many people pitched in and helped or stopped by to say hi.  We've already had an impromptu party and we've only been here 24 hours!  Yeah Jehovah Jirah! 

As our friends prayed over our house and different people have spoke words about our home, the word "PEACE" has been the word to surface.  My prayer is that people will feel the peace of God as they enter and as they are drawn in to stay.  It seems to be working already.  My sister in law and my mom were saying how warm and comforting it feels here. 

I am still in awe that this is the house that God hand picked for us Himself.  He is so good.


Angie Vik said...

Praising God for answered prayers. We'll be wanting to see pictures, you know. After you're unpacked, of course.

Beautiful Mess said...

Praise God for HIS peace!

I am so grateful for your blessings!


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