My heart broke ~ Hair India

I watched this documentary a couple of weeks ago.  My heart broke as I watched families go to the temple to dedicate their hair to their god.  They are shaved bald!  They didn't know, nor did they care, where their hair was going after that because they were doing it to please their god. 

Once the hair was given to the temple, it was sorted by working women and sold to a hair extension company.   The movie shows modern "westernized" women buying the extensions.  My heart broke for them too.  They aren't doing it to look beautiful, they are doing it to look "western".  They are believing the same lie that women in the U S are believing. 

Oh how He Loves Them...  Oh how they NEED Him...

People all over the world AND in our back yards need Yeshua (Jesus). 

Who are you telling?

Photo from hotdocs.ca


Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHHHAHAAA!! I can't believe that.

I'll have to find that video-I am a documentary lover!

Is there anything redeeming in it though? Nevermind, don't answer that.

To God be the glory!

steffany said...

oh my goodness

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