Spiritual Gifts

Have you discoved your Spiritual gifts? 

What are they?  Do you use it or them on a regular basis?


Deborah Ann said...

I did the spiritual gift test a while back, but I don't remember what mine was. I'll have to look into that again...

Beautiful Mess said...

I have taken several assessments and then I have had people say "those" aren't gifts---

I can tell you this--

*I am an encourager
*I have the gift of discernment (and that can be a tough one to have-sometime I say curse~ joking of course)
*I am majorly hospitable (but I don't think that is a spiritual gift)
I love teaching (don't teach enough)

Prayer warrior!

I am sure I can come up with more--but I feel drained :)

Thank you for chatting with me earlier-very encouraging.

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