The Sacred Room

This post is meant to be an encouragement, to give you ideas and some things to think about.  I was at a Pastor's wives conference and this topic was talked about but I believe it applies to anyone who is married.

PS - These bedrooms are NOT mine! 

What is your bedroom like?  Is it messy?  Is the bed always unmade?  Are the pillows flat?  Do you have sheets hanging over your windows for curtains?  Are there piles of clothes all over or in the corners?  Is your purse on the floor and shoes strung throughout?

Sometimes we make sure all the rooms in the house are presentable or even beautifully decorated and our master bedroom gets the leftovers. 

Our bedrooms should be a place of quiet rest after a long hard day - a refuge.  As married people, the part of our lives that takes place in the bedroom (that's the normal room anyway) is sacred, holy, set apart.  Why should a sacred part of our lives take place in a room that is a disaster, dumpy and stinky?

When decorating your master bedroom, your husband should be taken into consideration.  He is not necessarily going to feel manly and well rested in a room that is overly feminine.  Now, I'm not saying to decorate with motorcycle parts and sports memorabilia.  I am saying that the bedroom should reflect both persons not just the wife. 

If your bedroom is a wreck, you don't have to go spend a fortune to get it into shape.  This may take from several months to a couple of years.  It is a process.  You can get nice new/used items from thrift stores if need be and descent pillows from discount stores such as TJ Max.

Here are some pointers that I have picked up:
  • CLEAN UP - get rid of piles and clutter - if you do nothing else, do this
  • Make sure it smells nice and fresh - not like dirty laundry
  • Change your sheets often - once a week minimum - just think about the germs from a long day out and about that may be on your bed
  • Paint - a very affordable way to spruce up any space
  • Replace old, flat, saliva stained pillows - have plenty of pillows for a soft, comforting bed
  • Make sure your door has a lock
  • Keep children out as much as you can - they need to learn to respect their parent's privacy and need for intimacy - this is not a playroom for kids
  • The TV is an intrusion!  I know I am treading on thin ice but it needs to GO!  Keep your bedroom between yourself and your husband.
  • Have some sort of dim lighting - this helps to create a soft, calming atmosphere - even candles from the dollar store would work
  • Purchase nice sheets - I have gotten brand new, very nice sheets at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost of new ones - this has allowed me to have several nice sets

Is creating a beautiful, relaxing, intimate master bedroom a goal for you?  If so, how do you do it and how long has your process taken? 


Anonymous said...

To have a nice bedroom, I would have to get rid of my packrat husband. I have expressed my ideas for painting it and getting it nice and orderly, to which he gives lip service but never does anything about. Consequently, if I ever touch one of his piles of mail or clothes, or if I had the audacity to clean out a drawer of his, he would seriously have a problem with it. He doesn't get violent, but he would probably hyperventilate and have a meltdown. So, as long as he's happy living in his clutter, I will never have a nice bedroom. If you ever visit me and I do have a nice bedroom, you will know that I'm a widow. ;)

Janet said...

I am sorry...

Sounds like you need to get God in on it! He is a God of order not chaos. Ask HIM to help you. Ask HIM to intervene.

Walk into that room and proclaim it CLEAN! Tell the stuff, "You don't belong here anymore! Get out! I got my God on your case."

Take charge in a Spiritual way!



steffany said...

My bedroom has always been top priority as far as house stuff goes.
It is the first room I clean. I think I have always been like that since marriage that is. My most expensive piece of furniture is my bed. I don not fold laundry in my room. I do not even have a laundry basket in my room. (My closet is a mess though:)

Beautiful Mess said...

Loved this--and so true!

A place of PEACE! refuge!

So important!

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