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I am SO thankful for the beautiful ladies who told what version of the Bible they use and explained why in my post, "Hot Topic: Versions of the Bible".  I asked that you not bash versions of the Bible but explain why you use the one that you use.

You asked, what version do I use?  I use the NASB.  When my husband first started to preach, he used his NIV.  That is what he was reading from so that is what he preached from.  The time came to get a new Bible so he did some research.  We found out that the NASB is the closest translation that we can understand and use so that is where the LORD led. 

We have a bunch of versions and even a collection of very old Bibles.  One of them even looks like it's some sort of goth Bible from the dark ages (or a long time ago anyway).

I really like to use http://www.biblegateway.com/.  You can look up any passage in any version online.  There are TONS of versions.

Now, a little about my Bible.  Once I decided to go to the NASB and leave me NIV, I found the New Inductive Study Bible put out by Precept Ministries.  It doesn't have chapter headings, there are no notes, and it leaves room on the sides for writing.

I LOVE it!  It's kinda huge but I love letting the Holy Spirit lead even in filling out the chapter headings!

So, anyone else want to chime in?

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Beautiful Mess said...

You have an AWARD on my site! Feel free to grab and repost if you like!

God bless you friend!


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