I am on the lookout for a sofa.  You would think that one would: locate a sale, find a sofa in the right price  range and purchase the sofa.  No... not me.  I have to be difficult about it.  I have a specific style in mind that doesn't even exist in stores anymore.

How does one get a sofa that isn't in style?  Buy used.  Sounds easy enough.  Not!  I've searched Craigslist in many cities within a 3 hour drive.  I did find a sofa that I liked but when I went to go see it, it was filthy from little children's feet. (How precious!) I can't risk $375 on that much filth!

Here are some sofas that I like, that I can't find, that apparently don't exist anywhere in the region except on the world wide web.

These sofas are they style that I like.  Mostly, I'd have to go with different fabric but you get the idea.

I have expensive taste on a low budget!  Most of these types of sofas go for several thousand dollars even used!  They are the shabby sheek look.  Oh well, I'll have to be creative!  AND, the boys in my home don't care for any of this!!

thank you google images for the photos


Beautiful Mess said...

Praying for your sofa! Praying the Lord brings one to YOU!

hey, the prayer worked for my sister and her car...now I'll pray it for you! Be sure to keep us update!

Angie Vik said...

Hoping your life soon intersects with the perfect couch. All of the couches in the pictures look nice, but potentially hard to keep clean At least in our house it would be. We often find our perpetually shedding golden retriever on our couch. Keep us posted. I like the new look of your blog.

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