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Karen said...

Dear Janet,
Been reading your posts about needing to find a new home. Hope that you are settled in the farm house by now. I know what it feels like to "settle" for a home. For 17 years I've struggled with being thankful for the home we live in and God is working in me. Because of our financial concerns I have become thankful for it finally. Cooking in our kitchen on Thanksgiving was a headache-again!still!-but most of our married kids were with us and we had a nice time with them. Besides the structure itself, I've never felt FED at our church, just down the street. The people are dear to me, just not very excited about their faith. I envy your looking forward to worship and Bible studies!!

Karen said...

Meant to say that I really appreciated the little video, my God is so big. NEEDED that reminder, sister!
Wanted to link up with you for Hearts on Fire Friday, but there was no linky list. Was that an oversight? I do read and appreciate your posts about sparking my marriage. After 32 years, we need it! Our 3 kids are all married but live 2-3 hours away, so it's just US here. blessings on your day!

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