I finally got it!!!

I finally got the couch!  It's not THE couch that I wanted but I like it very much. 

Ok, are you ready for this?  It was totally brand NEW with packaging tape still on it.  It's a hide-a-bed couch. 

How much you say?  $35!!!!  No joke!!!  Where?  At the Salvation Army.  I am furnishing my whole living/dining room there. 

Here are some photos of the couch. 

I am the type of person who likes to redo furniture.  I like to paint tables, lamps, baskets, and anything else that I can spray.  (Watch out walls, here I come!  Just kiddin!)  I like shop for and pick new fabrics and reapulster chairs.  Did I mention that JoAnn's is having a half off sale on fabric this week?  Woo hoo!

The fact that I only spent $35 means that I have been wise with God's money and can (in good conscience) spend a little more on fabric and spray paint!

Have you gotten any good deals lately?  Are you spending God's money wisely?  Have you redone any of your household items?  Tell us about it!  Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I wish I could do all that stuff. Where do you find the time?

Debbie said...

Great deal! I like the couch--It looks comfy.

Molly Green said...

Woohoo! Good for you!

Sara said...

Lovin' it in green!

Hugs for your day,

jan said...

Awesome deal! I always look for good deals like that too..

TravelinPilgrim said...

Yes, I have found some great deals lately as well. Recently I found a TV Console in cherry finish from the Bombay Co. It was at a garage sale for $10! I 'bout flipped! I am having a giveaway this week in connection with my new Friday Feature... Fabulous Friday Finds. Your welcome to join in the fun.

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