This one's for the girls!


You know how good it feels to be wanted or needed?  Young girls often find "needy" boys so that they will feel wanted.  Young girls will sometimes get pregnant so that they will feel needed by the baby.  They want someone to love them!

You are precious to Jesus, Yeshua!  Just like pearls and gems, you have worth... No matter how worthless you are feeling, just know, you have worth and love waiting for you.  The ultimate... most intimate LOVE.

He gave Himself for YOU!  He loves you so much that He died for you.  His desire is for you to live your life with Him and for Him.  He WANTS you!  The Bible is full of messages for you from the Maker of the universe - the One who created your every fiber.

How does it feel to be so wanted?  He loves YOU!  If you seek Him, you WILL find Him!

Do you want to know more about the loving Father who made you and wants you?  Do you want to know just how much He loves you?  Tell Him.  That's right, you can talk to Him and tell Him that you need His love.  You can tell Him that you need to find Him!

Jesus, Yeshua, died for YOU!  He loves YOU!  He wants YOU!


Beautiful Mess said...


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

What a lovely post! And even lovelier was meeting you in person today! :) Here is the link to the book 'College Without Compromise':


Hope we meet up again soon!

Many blessings...

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