This Blog and Our House Part 2

It looks like a shipwreck

You can read Part 1 here:  This Blog

This is what has happened in the last week i:n regards to our house:

Phone call:  Get out and you have 2 weeks to do it.
Phone call #2 (the same day): ...and, there is an inspector coming tomorrow.  (less than 24 hr. notice)

My husband told the guy that tomorrow won't work and he needs to talk to me since I'm the one home.  "Tomorrow" comes and my husband wasn't home. 

I heard someone try to open my front door.  I looked and there were 3 men trying to get in to our house!  They didn't even knock!  Fear rushed through me and I ran to my son's (11) bedroom.  I called my husband and told him to PLEASE come home.  There are men trying to come into the house and NOW they are on the roof walking around!  Needless to say, the owner didn't cancel the inspector's appointment.

My son started crying in fear and hid in the back of my closet.  I decided to let our big dog go bark at them.  They went around to the back slider door and tried to come in that door with the dog at that door barking at them.  Since it was locked, they stayed at the back door and purposefully aggravated the dog to bark more. 

My husband made it home in about 10 minutes and approached the men.  He said, "Hey guys!  What's up?"  They asked who he was and when they found out, they started to yell at him.  They told him that he was being a jerk, he was lying, he was not appreciative of any one's time but his own, and demanded that he let them in. 

My husband stayed calm and tried to calm the men down.  That wasn't happening...

The buyers realtor showed up and also yelled at my husband.  She called him the same names that the men did and accused him of the same things. 

All the while, my children were seeing and hearing everything that was going on.  My husband told them that he is a pastor and has counseling with some people so they would have to make an appointment with us for another day. 

He also told the realtor that he didn't appreciate everyone yelling at him and that the kids were upset about that.  She said, "Yah well, kids these days hear far worse than that!" 

My husband said, "NOT MY KIDS!!"  Amen brother!!!!!  People don't just come to our home and scream at us and call their daddy names everyday!

So, we were gracious (gracious meaning- we didn't have to) and let them have another appointment two days later. 

So, here we are. 

  • We have a legally binding contract
  • We've been told to get out of the house in 2 1/2 weeks
  • Since there was no notice, we haven't saved rent and deposit money
  • No time to save
  • We've been on the lookout for a place to live - can't find anything

BUT God...  But God hasn't spoken.  He isn't finished.  We are His children.  He loves us.  He is at work.  He will calm this storm.  I have faith that He is doing something and AGAIN, will work a miracle in our behalf!!

Stay tuned...


Beautiful Mess said...

That frustrates me to no end. No judge would stand for that kind of "lack of following a contract"


PRAYING! Trusting! Knowing God has a plan!

Anonymous said...

God, I pray that you would give grace and wisdom. Show them exactly what to do next and how to proceed. Provide for them exactly what they need and don't allow the enemy to interfere. Show Yourself strong Lord and bless this family.

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