I write this to you today with urgency in my spirit. 
Make sure your lives are right with God.  He is our King and Creator; He has the final word.  Revelation may be unfolding before our eyes. 
Don't say in your head, "I've got plenty of time to get right."  God wants you to get right with Him right now.  He isn't playing church; it's not a game. 
Don't say, "But I have to take little Johny to practice."
Don't say, "But people are going to think I'm a holy roller nut."
When the trumpet sounds, I GUARANTEE you won't be worrying about taking Johny to practice or what people think of you.  It's time to worry about what God thinks of you.  It's time to KNOW what God thinks of you.
By the way, His name isn't "God."  It's YAHWEH!  He said so Himself in Exodus. 
Praise Him.  Glorify Him.  Be a radical for Him.  Stand up for Him.  KNOW Him not just about Him. 
He will come and He said to be ready or else; or else it will be like a thief in the night.  He doesn't come like a thief to His children who are expectantly waiting for Him and watching the signs, only to those who are going about their own business.


Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I was the one who needed to read this.
I have been feeling aloof from Him lately, it is I who has moved.
Thank you for listening to Him and writing this.
Thank you.
I am back to praising, standing and glorifying Him!
Thank you.
Did I say thank you?

Cheryl said...

Amen, thank you!

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