It's A Small World - A Very STRANGE Small World

(Names are changed to protect the innocent.)

Something very strange happened yesterday.  I was sitting outside with my Mom at her house and before we knew it, the yard was full of children.  When Double Espresso is around, kids start coming out of the woodwork! 

One of the neighbor kids (Molly) came to play and she brought another girl (Julie) who is a foster child that is staying with her.  Molly told us that Julie (11) is up for adoption and she has a 3 year old sister who has already been adopted.  Molly continued to explain that Julie has been to a children's program at our previous church.  That really peaked my interest and my wheels began to spin as I tried to remember this girl who, at the time, was 8 and her sister was a baby. 

All of a sudden, it clicked!  I ran inside to tell my husband about the girl in the yard.  This girl's mother (Millie) had visited out church too!  She was very strange...  Numerous times she spoke to us and things just didn't ever add up.  She told us weird stories about how she was being hunted by the FBI and had been in jail recently but none of her story ever made any sense.  Mostly it was just random sentences smushed together to make a paragraph.

One Sunday night, she visited our church.  As she spoke to me, I couldn't follow her conversation.  It was weird.  The more I studied her, I realized that something was seriously wrong but she WASN'T on drugs.  After she tried to have conversations with my husband and a deacon in the church, we all realized what her problem was.  She was demon possessed.  It used to be that I thought demon possessed people wouldn't dare step foot into a church but after seeing many demon possessed people enter this particular church, I changed my theory.  (Actually, many demons lived in this church but that is another story for another time.)

The last time we saw Millie (the mother) and Julie, Julie was standing at the back door of the church crying her eyes out.  You see, my husband (the Pastor) had to tell Millie that she wasn't welcome at our church anymore and the poor little girl couldn't understand why.  We had just found out that Millie had kidnapped one of the other children in our program that morning before school and the police were looking for her.  During the short time that we knew Millie, we had to call the police several times.  Because of her circumstances, we didn't ever have the chance to help her. 

I have no idea what happened to Millie.  Obviously, her children were permanently taken from her and given up for adoption.  What a sad, sad story.  I sure hope there is a happy ending for Julie.

Now that I know where Julie is and can see her on a regular basis, I need to pray.  This girl is a sweetie and is totally adorable.  I don't know how God wants to use me in her life, but my heart is turned in her direction.  We  will see...

I told you it's a STRANGE small world!

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Angie Vik said...

I got goose bumps reading your story. God has let your life intersect with Julie's again. Hopefully Julie will turn her heart towards God and let Him give her a better outcome than Millie had. That's neat that you've been moved to pray and desire to be sensitve to God's leading.

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