How I began to fast ~ Fasting Part 1

Several people have been interested in finding out more about fasting.  I'm no expert but in having to tell others, I will have to learn more myself.  I love that!

I am going to share my story and a few facts, then I will make another post with more information.

In August of 2008, the LORD told me to do the "Daniel Fast."  I had no idea what that was; I had only heard the term.  Naturally, I looked it up on the internet and then spoke to my husband about it.  He said that he would think about this and get back to me. 

(Please know: I am NOT about to bash any denomination.  I am just telling my story.) 

You see, we had both grown up in Baptist churches.  (Two different denominations, actually.)  After we married, we went to 3 different Baptist churches.  We had never heard about fasting.  That wasn't something that was taught in any of the churches.  I'm sure that there are Baptist churches that DO teach and encourage fasting but not the churches that we had attended.  Fasting definitely wasn't something that we understood.  On a lighter note, fasting and fried chicken don't mix!

Back to August of 2008

After 3 days, my husband said that he'd like to try the Daniel Fast.  Basically, it's taken from Daniel
chapter 1 and chapter 10.  You eat only the things that God made and no meat.  You can have anything fruit, veggie, whole grain, seeds/nuts, or legumes for 21 days. 

We did our first fast during harvest time. To be honest, because it was harvest time, that made it soooo easy!  Veggies were all over the place and they were GOOD

The hardest part was breaking the sugar addiction.  You may think to yourself, I don't have a sugar addiction.  Yeah, that's what I thought until I didn't eat any for a few days.  I was a very healthy eater (compared to most) and I didn't think I had a problem.  Needless to say, both my husband and I broke any addictions to sugar that we thought we "didn't have." ;)

The benefits that came from our first fast:

  • Spiritual growth - God revealed things to us and grew us tremendously in knowledge, faith, gifts, insight
  • Monetary blessings - Money poured in all the time!
  • Physical blessings - Gifts came from several places
  • Weight loss - Pounds came off of both of us very quickly
  • Our bodies and spirits were cleansed from the inside
  • The VERY BIGGEST blessing for me was my healing - After 2 weeks of being on the Daniel Fast and totally focusing on God, I was healed of Rosacea.  I had suffered with this disease for 8 years!  You can read my story here:  Rosacea Cure.

I am STILL Rosacea FREE and I serve an awesome, 
almighty God!

Part 2 is on the way!

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Deborah Ann said...

Well this must be a God thing. I just came back from the Dermatologist. I have had rosacea for over 10 years. Do you think that diet healed you? Or was it because you were fasting?

My vision is cloudy now, and the reason I went to the Derm Dr. is because on the internet it says rosacea can affect your vision.

Please pray for me...

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Good job on the Daniel Fast! I have yet to try that! I am in a four square church and they are starting a fast tomorrow. I dont feel called to fast at this point since I am pregnant, maybe fast something other then food! :) Any ideas?

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