Grocery Shopping and Questions

I made a big mistake today.  Because of the fast in January and a schedule that just didn't line up for the WHOLE month of February, we ran out of food!  We got to the store as often as we needed and picked up basics, but I was never able to stock up.

Well, today was the day!  We needed the basics and we had depleted the pantry!  I had a nice morning and got ready for grocery shopping.  My husband made a wonderful late breakfast and off I went. 

Ok, it all sounds good but Monday is our day of rest.  Since we are in full-time ministry, Sundays are extremely tiring and I very much look forward to Mondays! 

I got some great deals!  Meijer was having a 10 for $10 and get the 11th item free. You should have seen my cart!  I had sections of 11 items partitioned off with boxes of spaghetti.  Yeah, I'm a little weird.  ;)  So, I went to 3 grocery stores and stocked up!

All that stockin up made me tired.  I actually took a nap at 6 PM.  Boy, that threw off my whole day... but now we have food!  Food is very important to growing boys.  For some reason, my family insists that there be food in the house!

What day do you grocery shop?
How many stores do you normally go to?
Do you stock up your pantry with sale items every trip?

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