Homeless to Harvard ~ Perseverance

photo creditThis is a story about perseverance at it's best.  It is properly titled, "Homeless to Harvard," because that is exactly what she did. 

Liz Murray was born into a loving family.  There was only one problem; her parents became addicted to drugs and contracted aids.  At a young age, Liz was left on the streets to survive.  At 16 her mother died from aids and she made the big decision:  to persevere.

This is such an awesome story!  I watched the movie tonight on YouTube and then watched all of the interviews I could find.  I love to find out what people are doing after I see a "true story" movie.

I did some research tonight and it seems as though Liz is a Christian.  I found some links to her speaking ministry.  She is a motivational speaker and speaks at schools and other functions.

Liz Murray wrote a book called, "Breaking Night."  You can find it through my link to Amazon.  The book tells her story of growing up homeless.

Here are some links for the movie and an interview:

Part 2: Homeless to Harvard
Part 3: Homeless to Harvard
Part 4: Homeless to Harvard

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